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End of Year quiz

Take the quiz to learn more about how you, together with our teams, programme participants and other humanitarians like you will shape the future of the communities we serve. 

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    26 volunteer carpenters and metal fabricators received training on 3D-printing technology and design in Za’atari Camp, Jordan. What is one of the main ways this technology will impact the lives of refugees in Jordan?

    Many supporters just like you showed compassion for the people of Lebanon after the August explosion. Thanks to the donations we received, what impact have we made to help people in Beirut recover?

    Next year Mercy Corps will participate in the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP26). Glasgow was chosen to host the event due to its commitment to sustainability and experience. By what other name is the city known?

    As lockdowns threaten education for girls and the virus raises tensions in communities, our team in Nigeria found a solution accessible to nearly everyone. What is it?

    In order to prepare for extreme weather, Agus Zubaidilah says that Mercy Corps has been helping his neighbours in Gogik, Indonesia and himself learn how to...

    March 2021 will mark the 10th anniversary of

    In which country do 20m people lack access to clean water and sanitation, 17m don't have enough to eat and COVID-19 is putting more pressure on an already fragile healthcare system?

    Our supporters around the world rallied together to help support our COVID-19 Resilience Fund in March 2020. Together we raised £2,639,886. Through the fund we support communities in three key programme areas: protecting health; meeting urgent needs; and economic resilience and recovery. In each country, our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of communities. But do you know how many people we have reached so far with our COVID-19 response?